Thursday, February 27, 2014

Save Money Freeze Fruit

Ever had this happen? 

Of course! We all have. I use to waste so much money on food because it would go bad before I got a chance to eat it. Fruit only lasts for so long before going bad. Here is one way I learned to save more food and money at the same time.

Slice up your fruit of choice before they go bad.

Place in freezer storage bags
(any fruit can be frozen)

place in the freezer
(here I have frozen mango, pineapples, strawberries and bananas)

Frozen fruit lasts in the freezer for a pretty long time. I typically use within a couple months. I use frozen bananas sooner..... I would say within a couple weeks (but you don't have to). I do this because I buy fresh bananas every week.

I like to use my frozen fruit to make smoothies.... I have at least one a day. Sometimes I'll mix fresh fruit and frozen fruit together. I do this a lot when I make strawberry banana smoothies. I'll use frozen strawberries and fresh bananas. It all depends on what I have available at the time.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope this tip helps. Leave any questions or comments below.

Live Fit Be Free

Eboni :)

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